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RAD Racing Team

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In 1989, Race Against Drugs (RAD) was one of the campaigns that arose to meet the country’s need for drug prevention head-on. At the time, most of the country was unaware of the high numbers of youth using drugs. RAD’s initial focus was just that – to raise awareness of this emerging problem.

Partnering with 17 race sanctioning organizations, the White House, and the FBI, Race Against Drugs took the green flag with a commit­ment signing in the White House, followed by a symbolic engine firing (including 17 representatives from the motorsports industry) on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Race Against Drug’s strengths include a 20-year history of:

  • RAD Racing Team spokespersons
  • Federal agency partnerships
  • Race sanctioning partnerships
  • Corporate partnerships

These partnerships enable us to provide materials to thousands of youth across the United States.

Reach and educate our Nation’s youth by
Advocating through motorsports professionals a
Drug free, healthy lifestyle

Realize a nation of drug free youth by
Accelerating their potential using a
Coordinated network of dedicated motorsports volunteers who will
Inspire and educate, through community involvement, to teach kids to
Navigate around life’s obstacles, using teamwork, goal setting, and communication skills which will
Guide them to make the right choices to get to the finish line

Want to make a difference in the lives of children? Become a RAD Racing Team Spokesperson and help kids begin their journey to a drug-free, healthy lifestyle.

Download the application from the link below, fill everything in, if you have any questions, please contact Jessica Hogan at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Download RAD Racer Application


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  • As a leader in the field of substance abuse prevention, NCPRS currently focuses on two programs: Stay on Track and the RAD Racing Team. During the past 24 years, NCRPS has developed dozens of programs covering topics including car jacking, youth crime prevention, fire safety, substance abuse prevention, and others.

    Take a look around – there is much to see! We look forward to assisting you in helping your youth!


Richard Petty

“As a parent and grandparent I understand the dangers of illicit drug use for children and families. In my company, Richard Petty Motorsports, we have a zero tolerance policy against drug use. I urge everyone to follow the lead of NCPRS and join the ‘Race Against Drugs’ program in ‘Fueling a Drug Free Future’ for our nation’s youth.”

Richard Petty,
 Seven-Time NASCAR National Champion


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